Use a good SEO rank checker to level up your campaign

The final goal of SEO is to get your keyword ranked at the top positions in SERPs, to achieve this goal some certain rules must be carefully followed, the rules about the optimization of your site, the content you publish, and also the links you build pointing to your pages. If the rules ignored when doing SEO work for your site, it may turn out that you're harming your own site. Each action you take must consider the goal first.

First of all is the on-page factors, this includes all pages should be fully optimized with page description, have high quality titles, images should have alt attributes. You should be careful not to stuff keywords all over the pages, it should be kept below somehow like 3%. And keyword diversity is quite important, read Avoid rank tracker mistake: Main keywords and long tail keywords to know more. This means you should use different keywords combinations for your pages and make use of the long tail keywords to gain more specific traffic to your site.

The second is about backlinks, do not create tons of useless links, quantity doesn't matter, quality matters!

Rank tracker is essential for your SEO work
Rank tracker is essential for your SEO work

We all know that SEO is important to get your site rank at the top positions and keep them ranking well, to keep recording your keyword rank performances you will need the help of rank checkers, the tool that will tell you which of your keywords is ranking well and which is not. Read this post to know why you must use rank tracker for your SEO job: Are you doing SEO without a rank tracker? You're doing wrong.

The only and final standard to check if an SEO strategy is working, is to see if the ranks are moving upwards or downwards after it's been deployed. With the help of an SEO rank checker, you can easily observe this change at the first time and keep tracking of them.

If the keywords are at the first page of SERP, it's easy to check by human eyes, but what if they're currently ranking at the 50 or 60 position? Also, what if there're hundreds or thousands of keywords to track? This is the job that couldn't be done by human. The good news is there're many rank checkers for you to choose, free to paid, desktop or web based ones. You can definitely find the best tracker for you. Read this post: When choosing an SEO rank tracker, 6 factors you must consider. When your keywords are tracked, you will know they're moving upwards at the first time.

If you're not using one SERP tracker yet, start your new SEO campaign along with a rank tracker, and level up your campaign to the next generation. Choose from the best SEO rank trackers we picked up for you.