SEO agency: Use white label rank tracker to boost your business

As an SEO agency, the rank trackers with white label feature can dramatically boost your business. With the white label feature, you can create your own brand and use it to impress your customers. At the first sight, if customers can see your own logo and business name, they will get very positive impression about your company. This is very important to establish a successful relationship.

White label rank tracker for SEO agency
White label rank tracker for SEO agency

For those don't know what white label is, you can get the idea of it in the post SEO agency: Brand your ranking reports with your company name. In short words, with rank trackers having white label function, anything your customers see is your company's logo and name. Many SERP trackers provide this function because it is a standard in this industry.

Your customers will be more impressed if they see your own brand name in the SEO reports. In this way, you will be more professional to them.

Right now there're several white label features, some are quite basic and some are very complex. The following are the most seen features of a rank tracker with white label:

  • White label reports: Ranking reports will have your logo and business name on.
  • White label emails: Not only reports have your details, emails you send to customers can be white labeled too. When customers receive ranking reports, it appears to be sent from your own email address.
  • Shared or Private ranking reports: You can generate ranking reports for different customers and assign a unique URL for each of the reports. Then you can tell your customers the URL, so they can view ranking reports in browsers. To protect the shared ranking reports, you can set a view password for it, so that only people who has the password can view it. And thus it is a private report.
  • Virtual accounts: Also named "sub accounts", this is a powerful feature that not many rank trackers provide. The virtual accounts function enables you create sub accounts for your customers, then they can login the system using the username and password you set, to view ranking reports.

As an SEO agency, although you may be able to design and develop an SEO rank tracker on your own, it's not worth the time and money to do it. It will be years before you could finish this job and much money should be spent. In contrast you can invest the time, energy and money to developing customers, with the same effort you could gain thousands of customers.

I want to make it clear that this doesn't apply to all of the SEO agencies. This only applies to the agencies who are just beginning their business and have no willing in such a rank tracker business. They want to simply benefit from a grown rank tracker and its white label feature to expand their business. Running a rank tracker business is not in their plan.

No matter if you've just stepped into the SEO business, or you're already a professional in this industry, you can always utilize the power of white label feature of rank trackers. Let's say if you've been doing SEO for only a few months, and you want to level up your skills and impress customers with professional reports. The white label is what you need. You don't need to be an experienced SEO to use it, within a few clicks and inputs, you can set up the white label solutions. Then the system will work automatically, and you can invest your time and energy developing new customers. The SEO rank tracker will handle reports and maintain customers for you.

This applies for both small and big SEO agencies, this solution works for both of them, no matter you're just a small company with employees under 10, or a big SEO company with thousands of customers. In fact the bigger your company scales, the more you will need rank trackers with white label feature.

Besides the white label feature, as an SEO agency, it will be a little bit different when selecting a good rank tracker. Read this post SEO agency: How to choose the best rank tracker.

If you want to boost your business and don't want to waste time developing your own tracker, you can choose a tracker from the market. But you should be aware that not all trackers have the white label function. You can choose from the best rank trackers we've picked up.