Rank tracker: Search engine rank monitoring made easier

It's important to keep tracking your website's ranks. This will give you a close look to the changes made by search engines to your website ranks. Such experiences will give you the ability to tell which SEO strategies are working and which are not and prevent rankings from falling. Rank tracker is a great tool to do this job, its functions should be fully investigated by you before the officially adapt in.

Search engine rank monitoring
Search engine rank monitoring

Rank tracker at a glance

After signing up to a rank tracker, whether it's desktop version or cloud based, you can then provide your main domain name to track, and enter the full list of your desired keywords to rank to the tracker, sit back and leave the boring tracking work to the tracker.

Rank trackers will then scan your keywords on a daily basis, on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex, some also includes Amazon and YouTube. You can get information such as the following:

  • Keyword position rank in SERP
  • Rank change history in a customizable chart
  • Related or similar keywords the tracker finds out for your website
  • Rank report covering all the key information for your website and keywords

If you're an SEO agency and doing SEO work for your clients, I'm sure you will find the rank reporting function very useful. You can read this post SEO agency: Brand your ranking reports with your company name to find out more.

A rank tracker will save you much time and energy for your search engine optimization work. With the help of tracker, you won't need to search SERPs to record your website's ranking.

Rank tracker make search engine rank monitoring easier

Rank tracker is very powerful yet quite easy and simple to use. It's highly automatic. It's suitable for you no matter you're a newbie of SEO or an experienced professional doing SEO for your clients, you won't find it difficult to use. Contrarily, you will find yourself good at it in days.

The rank reporting feature make a rank tracker more functional. In the report information about the website and rank is included. You can browse the information by filters from search engine, website and keyword. You can compare the current rank with historical rank too to find out the change too.

Although rank tracker is powerful, it is not omnipotent

We know that rank tracker can help us in many jobs, it is more efficient than human being and saves us a lot of time. But it has its limitations. For example it can't tell you the reason to the rank change, when your keyword rank falls, it can tell you that it happened, but it can't tell you the reason. You should investigate yourself for the possible reasons for the change. This tell us you can't rely all the SEO work on rank trackers.

Is it necessary to use an SEO rank tracker?

Some people may think they can do the tracking job themselves, this is definitely a big mistake. In the post Are you doing SEO without a rank tracker? You're doing wrong, I've clearly explained why you can't do rank tracking without a rank tracker. Some other people think they can do this with a free tracker, I want to say a paid SERP tracker can help you finish the jobs that free trackers can never do. You can read Are you using a free SEO rank tracker? 5 Reasons to use a paid SERP tracker to find the reasons.

For the SEO agencies who are doing SEO for their clients, then the tracker is even more a must-have. If you're an agency, read this post How to choose the best rank tracker.