Make the best use of rank tracker with analytics and keyword research

The first question people will ask after adapting in a rank tracker is, "what can we do with the ranking tracker's data"? Read this post to learn how to set rank tracker basics for SEO campaigns.

This is a natural question and worth thinking. The fact is, if you make use of rank trackers with proper analysis tools and do keyword research effectively, you will get the most potential of your sites.

Install analysis tool for your site

Rank tracker analysis
Rank tracker analysis

Is your website already online, but without any visiting analytics tool deployed? If so, choose one analysis system as soon as possible. The Google Analytics is a good recommendation for both starters and professionals. You can install and deploy it in minutes. You can not only record daily visitors, various goals can also be set to analyze your conversions. This is especially profitable for ecommerce or SaaS sites. After the setup, wait for a few days or weeks for Google to collect enough data, then you will see how your website performs and how it converts. There is very useful data you can get from analysis.

For example, you can now know how visitors are coming to your site, you can see the pages that lead them to your site. If they come from Google search, you can get the keywords that drive them there. This is important data for your SEO and rank tracking job. You can get the different main keywords and long-tailed keywords they're using. Do not ignore long-tailed keywords. By setting up goals, you can check which keywords convert better than others. This can give your SEO a clear guide on which of your campaigns is working, so that you can adjust them to get more traffic. You can also export different kinds of data in various formats.

Now you've got the list of keywords that drive visitors to your site, simply add them to your rank tracker. Then trackers will tell you how your keywords rank in search engines. In the results provided by trackers, there are many traffic level up opportunities. You can find out the chances that if your rank for some keywords go up a little you will get big increase in traffic. These are the keywords that your site is taking the 3rd to 10th positions or the 2nd pages. You could imagine the traffic you will get when you rank the 1st, if you're ranking 5th now and getting 100 visits each day. This is part of the successful SEO strategy, to find out the traffic and rank chances.

Keyword research to find potential chances

Rank tracker keyword research
Rank tracker keyword research

Next let's talk about keyword research. You should never try for the keywords that won't bring much meaningful traffic. How to tell that? Doing keyword research can help about it. There're many keyword research tools, Google keyword planner is a good one. You can input the main keyword of your site, then the tool will suggest a long list with related keywords and similar phrases. The keyword research tool can also provide the search volume data. Some can tell you the competition level of this keyword. Combined with these info, you can choose the keywords that have much traffic with few competitors.

At the very last, you've got the power to bring your site traffic to the next level. But you should always put content at the first place. This is the most important and basic part of your SEO strategy. Only with enough content and high quality articles on your site, can search engines have them indexed in database, and finally show to users when they search. Therefore if your content is decent and you've made use of rank tracker with analytics and keyword research effectively, you will definitely get impressive traffic at last.

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