How to rank better on mobile? 6 tips to improve mobile rank

It's shown that almost 50 percent people left without buying your product or service, simply because they can't get the information which they want. The figure is higher on mobile phones. When we mention information, it is info about your product, service or company, it could also be your contact details. This is your local SEO failure, that many people are making every day.

Improve mobile rank using mobile serp tracker
Improve mobile rank using mobile serp tracker

Why is local SEO so important?

From all searches came from mobile devices, about one fifth of them will eventually purchase. That's a terribly high conversion rate you couldn't ignore. Besides that, there are more people using devices than people using desktop devices and the number is increasing day by day. So if you're doing optimization only for desktop users, you're not doing the right thing. You can read How to do local SEO using a rank tracker? to know more about local SEO and relationship between it and rank trackers.

Since mobile traffic is very important and local SEO is more and more necessary for your businesses. We've reached out for some SEO professionals, to listen to their opinions about this topic and see what they would advise us. At the end we've received lots of useful tips on how to rank better on mobile devices.

First of all, 3 things you should do

  • a.) Submit your business to local listings. If you haven't added your business to local listing like Google Maps, Yelp or something like that, add it now.
  • b.) Update your listing with details. Add your company full brand name, introduction about your company, your website, location address, phone number to your listing.
  • c.) Pay attention to voice search results. Usually people will choose to do voice search instead of typing. So make sure your website can be found by voice search.

Make sure your information is correct

It's a common situation for companies that have long histories. As the time goes by, they may have changed their phone number, address, website address or even company brand name. But they simply leave the old listings the old state, without correcting them. This is a big mistake, by doing this all your previous efforts on local SEO are wasted. So each time you make change to such information, make sure your listings are updated too.

Use data mark up to let search engines know your site

Search engines don't know human language, by using data mark up or the schema markup, they can understand your website better. Google encourages webmasters to mark up their site to tell Google more about your product or service. The has many useful tips and lessons on how to accomplish this goal. You can choose the proper category and follow the instructions to mark up your website. If you couldn't find your category, find the most close one to your business.

Your website should load fast to please mobile users

In most of the time, searches from mobile devices are not using the WIFI, they may be using the ordinary mobile network, which is relatively slow. This means you website must load fast on mobile, or your mobile rank won't be good. There're many ways to achieve this, utilizing CDN is one of them, there're many providers for this service, you can easily choose one.

On the software level, your website should make use of cache to ensure low response delay time. For each website language or program, there're successful plans to do this. For example, if you're using Wordpress, you can enable OP cache and install the WP Cache plugin.

Do website SEO audit and make improvement for mobile devices

No matter are your potential customers from desktop or mobile devices, website SEO audit is always necessary for a successful campaign. This is usually called on-page SEO, the foundation of a successful website. Once done, you can set rank tracker basics for your SEO campaigns.

Last and the most important, make sure you're using a rank tracker to keep tracking your keyword ranks. A good SERP tracker can dramatically level up your campaign.

We've selected and reviewed the best SERP trackers in market for you, you can read the introduction and select a good one for your SEO work.