How to do local SEO using a rank tracker?

In this post I will talk about how to do local SEO and how to use a rank tracker to do that. If you don't know local SEO yet, please read this post about mobile ranks and local SEO.

A brief idea about local SEO

What is local SEO anyway? If you're a business owner doing local business and you want your site or page to rank prior to others, all the efforts you do are local SEO. Local SEO is what you do to make search engines prefer your local business site to others. The area it covers is depended on how big your business grows. If you're only doing business in one city, you are doing SEO for that certain city. But if your business is across the States, you are optimizing to compete the whole country's companies. The concept of local SEO could be referring one town, one city, one state or the whole country. Doing local SEO is much concerned with attaching the local area names to your business name.

Local business SEO and Rank tracker
Local business SEO and Rank tracker

Why should you do local SEO?

Statistics show that if a customer searches and visits a local business with phone, there are 50% percent chances they will actually visit the physical business. And among the people who actually visit the business, one fifth of them will finally purchase your goods or services before they leave. These data shows if you're doing local business, you can not ignore local SEO if you want to succeed. People doing local searches may be simply looking up for some information, but they tend to be willing to purchase too. More and more people will do a local search before they go out for shopping and people who visited your local business site will very likely call you. This is a good chance for conversion.

Relationship between local SEO and rank tracker

People who do local searches are probably searching from a mobile phone. It is important that your rank tracker provides mobile rank tracking. And the people who are using mobile phone will do local search from time to time. Everyone is spending more and more time on mobile phones, therefore they will be doing more local searches day by day. There are more people using the Internet with mobile devices than with desktop devices.

To embrace the mobile-first trend, you should make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. Only this way is it possible for your pages to rank well in search engines. Rank trackers can easily track mobile ranks for you. It's just the same to track desktop results when using a tracker. All you need to do is select the mobile search engine target in lists, like mobile version.

Besides that you should also make your website optimized for your local area. Local search is mostly connected with mobile devices and locations. Only if you take care of both of the two factors can your site perform well. Rank trackers can help you with location based rank tracking too. You can select from thousands of locations from all over the world. Or you can simply provide the zip code for the location you're tracking too.

There are many SERP trackers in market now, but only part of them can do mobile rank track. We've chosen the best of the rank trackers for you, you can read the reviews and rating and select a good one.